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Logistic regressions

This bootcamp is an invitation to use logistic regressions and statistical tests for binary classification problems

1. What is machine learning and logistic regressions?

2. A look at R.

3. Formal description of the logistic regressions.

4. Implementation of logistic regressions to detect plausibility of reviews.

5. Advanced aspects of logistic regressions.




  1. Introduction

    • What is machine learning and logistic regressions

    • Mathematical notions and probability elements

    • Probability elements

  2. Installation of R, R Studio and Packages required for Ridge Regression

    • Installation of R and Rstudio

    • For Windows

    • For Mac

    • For Ubuntu

    • For other versions of Linux

    • Installing R Packages

  3. Logistic regression

    • Maximum likelihood

    • Binary classification and logistic regression

    • Geometric and probabilistic interpretation

  4. Favorable review classifier

  5. Selected Topics in Linear Regressions

    • Gradient method

    • Ridge regularization

    • Maximuma posteriori

    • Confidence intervals

Descarga las notas del curso aquí:

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