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Science is full of problems to solve, the right questions can lead us to a deeper understanding of those problems. There is a subtle and deep relationship between a problem and a question. An example of a problem would be finding a color scheme that results in green, your solution is blue and yellow. On the other hand, we could ask ourselves the following: is there another color combination that results in blue other than green-yellow? Regarding the first, their practical nature is evident, the question can easily be re-signified in theory, however they are closely linked, and the knowledge generated by the question helps us to deepen our mastery of the solution to the problem. One helps us to predict while the other helps us to describe.

Mathematics, among other things, is an indispensable tool to bring both points of view closer together. We seek to minimize this problem.

BOURBAKI School of Mathematics presents its catalog of projects and training / recreational mini-courses, these courses have two main objectives:

  1. Participate in improving the teaching of mathematics to students from secondary level to the first years of bachelor's degree, both in the strictly academic aspect seeking to improve their abilities, as well as fostering their passion and interest in the study of mathematics.

  2. Satisfy the need of some individuals to learn more and better mathematics from a casual approach without neglecting the formalism necessary to learn successfully.

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