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Alfonso is a passionate mathematician with specialty in Mathematical Logic and its applications.


He studied mathematics at UNAM, at the Université d'Orsay and at Oxford University . During his career he has visited and exhibited his work in various institutions such as UCLA, Universität Münster , Notre Dame University , Institute Henri Poincaré , IHES, CIRM, Sophus Lie Conference Center, CIMAT, University of Miami, among others.


He is currently working on the foundation of a Mathematical Institute in Mexico where top-level mathematics is taught and researched.


Motivated by a Lectureship in Mathematical Analysis at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, as well as various mentorships to students from American institutions ( Amherst College , Williams College , Princeton University , University of Pennsylvania , Stanford University, among others) at Worcester College , Stanford House and Exeter College, Oxford, devised a plan to fund research in mathematics based on teaching individuals and corporations.

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