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Nicolas Bourbaki

Bourbaki Congress in 1938 (from left to right: S. Weil, C. Pisot, A. Weil, J. Dieudonné, Claude Chabauty, C. Ehresmann, J. Delsarte).

Unknown author.

Nicolas Bourbaki

Although it was initially a secret, several decades ago it is known that Nicolas Bourbaki is not a single person but a group of mathematicians who have mutated since 1935 in the composition of their members, not in their idiosyncrasy and vision of mathematics. The cornerstone of his thinking is the book The Elements of Euclid, which summarizes an axiomatic and rigorous mathematical task. Since its founding N. Bourbaki has published more than 100 books and countless texts that narrate various areas of mathematics with elegance and detail. We have chosen the name of Bourbaki College of Mathematics in honor of this way of thinking and working, we hope to train mathematicians, data scientists, economists, engineers or enthusiasts of mathematics trained in this intellectual culture.

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