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Bourbaki College of Mathematics is a space for personalized learning. Teaching methods are thought to bring people closer to the mathematical background in multiple phenomena and processes. Our goal is to link the academy with applications of the prevailing reality.


This institution has a responsibility towards society: always strive for academic rigor in all its services. Its objective is to convert mathematical knowledge into a sustainable investment that generates wealth.

Specialization is the cornerstone for understanding problems, the first step on the road to the answers that reality demands. The selection of assertive educational material and attention to the right details keeps Colegio Bourbaki away from express courses. We assume that with clarity, consistency and transparency, a sincere intellectual path is built.

Who are we?

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We are thinkers of unexplored limits

of aesthetics in inflection

of the prediction. We describe it

We admire the flow of the river

the elevation of the top

the cadence of the glacier

the fundamental structures


We get closer to nature

With the mathematical language

The Fourier series

Fractal flakes

The movement in the city

We live between abstraction and reconstruction

In the volatility of the market

The cost of public transportation

The color of the hexadecimal

I don't know

We translate the world into dimensions

The unknown frequency

The improbable divisor

The prime number theorem

We seek clarity

Describe the cognitive process

Simplify chaos in one direction

Track the tree that didn't bring us


We chase signs

at the edge of knowledge

Evidence of roads

Towards a new understanding

From the empty set, we choose.

¿Por qué Bourbaki?


¡Tus datos se enviaron con éxito!

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